TRIBE™ Core Skills

TRIBE™ Program is a bespoke blended learning program that takes kids through topics and contextual activities to equip them with 5 core skills and helps these kids identify their individual passion and strengths.


TRIBE™ Program also provide’s context of the society and world they live in, training them on skills like creativity, innovation, problem solving, alternative thinking to help them achieve their aspirations.

Our Training Modules

Our training modules for 5-8 year old’s comprises of In class workshop series or on-premise experiments and exploration.

Skills Tag: Passion, Tenacity, Expression.

Learning Objectives: Tools & techniques to pay attention, build focus & stay on track.

Skills Tag: Connection, Passion, Creativity.

Learning Objectives: Triggering creativity & curiousity through learning about the world.

Skills Tag: Connection, Creativity & Tenacity.

Learning Objectives: Learning about the concept of money, types, sources, spending, concept of getting change, consumption, budgeting, saving, banks, investment.

Our training modules for 9-12 year old’s comprises of experiencing contexts & embarking on field explorations(field trips).

Skills Tag: Passion, Explore, Tenacity.

Learning Objectives: Learning the art of exploration, instilling curiousity & opening up their world through curated excursions. #self learning #drive #curiousity #holistic.

Skills Tag: Passion, Connection, Expression.

Learning Objectives: Learning the art of engagement & empathy by interacting with the world around them through curated experiences. #throughotherseyes #people #relate